We offer parents:
After receiving your written registration, our representative discusses with you, what your needs are and which type of care could be an option for you and your child. Through this process and the conversation with our representative, the necessary extent of care for your child/children can be easily and flexibly agreed upon. This can mean half-day or full-day care, but must be at least 5 hours per week.

Our representative looks for suitable HappyNannies, checks their vitality, kindness and reliability. Then the fitting nannies are placed. In order to meet and get to know each other properly, a set of meetings between the HappyNannies and the parents is essential! Communication has a very high priority at Lüscher’s HappyNannies and is celebrated accordingly. If the HappyNannies and the parents are in agreement following the meetings, the agreement between the Nannies and the families is documented in writing.
After an individually specified period of adjustment of ca. 2 weeks, the agreed upon form of care begins. The caregivers must then make themselves available to care for the child/children during the times previously agreed upon. You as parents commit to maintaining the agreed upon care, for your part. The prescribed rate is a binding component of the contractual agreement.

Our office enters into a contract of employment with the caregiver, in which the financial guidelines and provisions regarding wage payment, benefits, insurance etc. are regulated and documented. The financial aspects are taken care of by Lüscher’s HappyNannies.
They are responsible for the payment of the HappyNannies and in turn send a corresponding bill to the parents.
Our representative is available for you, if you have any questions or problems, and carries out on site conversations with you, as well as the HappyNannies.

The first three months are considered a trial period. In this time both parties can withdraw from the contract by giving seven days notice. After this time, the contract can be terminated by a cancelation period of three months to the end of the month.