Lüscher’s Happy Nannies offers recruitment and placement services fornannies and substitue grandmothers. We promote a family image that, unfortunately, is no longer commonplace, but includes the integration of the grandparents into active family life! This means three generations under one roof!
Nannies and retirees are often looking for a diversification of their daily routine, and therefore creating a better balance in their daily lives. Thus, Lüscher’s Happy Nannies’ mantra is: The integration of grandmas/grandpas and nannies into family life!
On the other side of the coin, there are also many families,who are similarly searching for a HappyNanny. For financial reasons, both parents must work regularly in many families. In these cases, the children must be cared for under different circumstances. Unfortunately, many day-care facilities are booked out for months in advance. Lüscher’s HappyNannies fills this gap and insures, through their services, that families can be certain their darlings are taken care of, simply via another form of day-care. As compensation for this, HappyNannies are integrated into the family and receive a fair wage.