We are a family of three from Lucerne, Switzerland and our family life has established itself as the dearest part of our hearts.

Because I am extremely passionate about being a mother, my heart bleeds when I see children spending their lunch break at the kiosk, and when I see the food they must sometimes eat. There really isn’t anything better than being able to come home to the lunch table and be taken care of by mommy, granny/nanny.

For this reason, and since the birth of our daughter, the idea of the substitute grannies developed. The long waiting lists at the kindergartens and the personal experience of the stress parents feel when trying to bring a child to, and then having to pick them up again from, kindergarten on time moved us to expand our organization, Lüscher’s HappyNannies. Our organization has been active for over 5 years in the region Lucerne, Zug and Zurich and consults, coaches and accompanies parents while they search for their very own “Mary Poppins”.

Due to parents’ many different needs, we have seen that we can’t, nor do we want, to cover the off or overnight hours with substitute grandparents. With our pool of nannies (of all ages), we can however respond individually and with heartfelt passion to the individual requests for nannies.

It is important for us to support Mommy/Daddy and help free them up for the family, because a happy and less stressed Mommy/Daddy is the foundation for any happy family. We take care of all the administrative work and everything regarding the insurance for the Nannies for you. Upon agreement, our Nannies also gladly help you in the household, allowing Mommy/Daddy to have more time for their darlings and the important things in life.

Family life is such a vital part of life, and we see this not only with the substitute grandparents, but with all our other Nannies and families as well. If you are a family oriented person and looking for help, please call us – we would be happy to help you.
Your Christina Lüscher and Family